Press Releases

This is a collection of press releases and other interesting articles for Pixiebobs in Australia.

 Health Matters - Sydney Local Health District May June 2014 - Page 10 ...



Sunday Telegraph - 10 Mar 2013, "Offical 2013 SHOW GUIDE".

For the Sydney Royal Easter Show - page 32 Promoting the Domestic Animal Pavillion once again Miss Aphrodite is gracing the pages of Sydney's media.


Sydney Telegraph - 21 Dec 2012,   "Cat World's Big Foot is a breed apart".

Miss Aphrodite is now appearing for the Sydney Telegraph - both in the paper and online Dec 2012.

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Once again Miss Aphrodite appears in the papers, this time the Southern Highland News - Bowral.

Our first official show with TFA saw Asciepius and Ammavaru competing with Aphrodite and Adonis on exhibition.     The three Queensland judges were very complementary of the high standard of the cats on display and very enthusiastic with their first examination of the Pixiebob breed.                                                                                   Asciepius did very well with a fourth and a seventh from a very tough field.  It was good to meet up with a few old friends and some new faces too.

Cat lovers descend on Bowral

By Emma Biscoe July 15, 2012, 11:22 p.m.

Julie and Betty Taylor with a pixiebob cat at the cat show on the weekend. Photo Emaa Biscoe

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Victorian Odyssey, 9th to 11th June 2012.

10th of June, Auspixie and Pixieroo were in Melbourne Victoria for the annual ACF show in the shadow of the world famous Flemington Racecourse. Over 500 cats, television and national newspaper "The Age" covered the event. Melbournians in their many hundreds, possibly over a thousand turned out for the gala event.

We made our presentation to the judge's guild the previous day and were glad to say the Pixiebob breed was accepted by the ACF. the icing on the cake was that from the first of January 2013 polydactyls will also be allowed to be shown and be awarded challenges.

The Age photographer Justin McManus was spoilt for choice with many hundreds of cats to choose from so it was a wonderful surprise when our own Miss Aphrodite was chosen as one of the 13 cats to appear in his article. She was only on exhibition but was a crowd favourite; the whole article and photos can be seen here:

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Miss Voodoo stars for Purina

Star of the SMH - Good Weekend advert for Purina Cat Biscuits, this full page colour advert has been released at least four times!